Attract Investors with ESG


Investors seek companies with robust governance frameworks. They want assurance that their investments align with ethical standards, transparency, and accountability. 💼

The governance analysis within ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) provides practical guidance for companies. It ensures the use of accurate and transparent accounting methods, promotes integrity and diversity in leadership selection, and fosters accountability to shareholders.

Key criteria under analysis include:

- The decision-making processes

- The organizational structure

- The control mechanisms

- The compliance systems

To understand how a corporation polices itself, the governance criteria focuses on the following:

📊 Tax strategy

🌐 Cybersecurity

💰 Remuneration

🌈 Board diversity

💼 Corporate ethics

🤝 Shareholder rights

📜 Compliance system

👥 Board independence

🕵️ Corruption and bribery

♻️ Responsible supply chain

💰 Management compensation

🏛️ Corporate governance system

💸 Donations and political lobbying

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