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Raise your compliance quotient.
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Board members and on-boarding compliance trainings: Mandatory but can be fun as well.

Improve compliance, reduce risks

Increase understanding, retention and adherence to compliance via better training and understanding of rules and principles

Train by playing, make it fun!

Offer a stimulating and fun learning environment, with real life, easy to remember critical compliance situations and offer many rewards

Use your key value drivers

Determine the key compliance and business parameters of the game, in accordance with your own company’s values and strategy, and benefit from powerful feedback tools

Fully Customisable Training to Fit Your Needs

Tap into top class expert input to craft valuable learning scenarios, and benefit from a fully flexible and adaptable platform, with regular updates with the latest development

Benefit from Top Class Experts

Benefit from the input of and access to our top class experts to ensure the Serapy training is the perfect answer to your training needs in terms of content, educational approach and process.

Board members and general compliance
on-boarding trainings –
we made them relevant & fun!

All board members and on-boarding compliance trainings can and should be interesting and fun.

The Situation

Board members and on-boarding trainings are here to stay - and it is covering more and more areas of business life!

Companies are spending lots of time, efforts and resources to train board members and on-board employees and then to monitor they abide by the rules.

When only obeying to the rules without embracing the principles, compliance is not fully embraced; employee’s motivation erodes; compliance risks can materialise and the company is set to lose.
In addition, blind compliance to the rules can lead to business erosion, a fear of doing business replaces sound business risk-taking. Rules need to be applied proportionately and wisely, tailored to the business profile.
A proper understanding of the compliance risk tolerance is critical, but often very one-sided.
The Realisation

People of all age learn better when they have fun, even for the most difficult topics

Do you know that:

Retention of knowledge acquired in games is much higher than in traditional learning environment
People like winning in games and feel motivated to comply by the rules if the rules are applied in a game
When combining the business and compliance considerations, people are more likely to embrace compliance out of principle, and not out of fear

Simple, yet powerful features

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84% of people are more likely to do the right thing if the right thing happens to be fun


76% increased retention rate of training when played as a game

Motivation to act increases with targeted rewards

Happy employees are more likely to adhere to compliance rules out of principle, and thus better protect the company

People love using CompCQ

What our customers say about us and our gamified trainings.

"Serapy AG supported us in developing an AML training course, fully tailored to our business activity as an Asset Management company. We are very satisfied with the implementation of the task and the cooperation. With the training, the essential knowledge was successfully conveyed to the employees and a greater awareness of the topic was created. The playful approach was very positively received by the employees. We can unreservedly recommend further Serapy AG."

Asset Manager
Large Swiss Insurance supervised by FINMA

“I never thought I’ll have so much fun doing an AML training. Looking forward to the next edition”

Risk Manager
Swiss regulated fund

Frequently Asked Questions

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Welchen Nutzen bietet Software-Escrow?

Der Schutz betrieblicher Software, Technologien, Daten und Dokumente ist entscheidend für Ihr Geschäft und für Ihren Unternehmenserfolg. Software Escrow deckt dabei gleichermassen die Interessenlagen von Entwickler und Käufer ab.

Wer ist an einem Escrow alles beteiligt?

Software Escrow ist die sichere Hinterlegung von Software (Source Code), Daten, Entwicklungsdokumenten, Verträgen etc. bei einem neutralen Dritten, dem so genannten Escrow-Agenten. Das ihm Anvertraute darf der Agent nur in bestimmten, im Voraus festgelegten Fällen, herausgeben.

Wo werden hinterlegte Daten und Dokumente aufbewahrt?

Software und Daten können swissEscrow online und verschlüsselt eingereicht werden. Physische Objekte (Datenträger und Dokumente) lagern sicher im Tresorraum einer Schweizer Bank.

Online eingereichte Daten werden ausschliesslich auf Servern in Rechenzentren mit Standort in der Schweiz verschlüsselt gespeichert. Diese Rechenzentren entsprechen den höchsten Sicherheitsstandards (tägliche Backups, redundante Notstromsysteme, redundante Klimatisierung, Feuerlöschanlage, strikte Zutrittskontrollen und Videoüberwachung).

Was kostet swissEscrow?

Die Kosten einer Escrow-Hinterlegung setzen sich zusammen aus einer einmaligen Initialisierungsgebühr für Ausarbeitung und Abschluss des Escrow-Vertrages sowie für die Einrichtung des Speicherortes und einer monatlichen Hinterlegungsgebühr. Zusatzleistungen werden nach Zeitaufwand in Rechnung gestellt.

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