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Compliance with regulations regarding competition may come across as a highly specialized obligation.$

However, fair competition is at the heart of properly functioning markets. Companies that fail to comply with the complex regulations may face hefty fines amounting to millions of EUR, especially if they engage in cartels or abuse their dominant position.

To comply with various aspects of competition law, companies need to invest considerable resources in training their staff and ensuring that they compete in a fair and transparent manner.

However, such training is much more effective as a game, as gamification offers many benefits compared to conventional training.

To help you provide top-notch competition law training, Serapy will:

✅ Create fully customized to your needs scenarios

✅ Allow your team to play and experiment

✅ Reward the behaviour that matters to you

✅ Provide debrief sessions based on data-driven feedbackWant to know more?

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