Corruption in pharma- a prescription for disaster


No matter how small, corrupt behavior can spiral out of control, leading to more significant issues such as fraud, or even legal action.

❌ Not only it is a violation of company policy and ethics, but it also puts the company and its stakeholders at risk. The company's reputation is damaged, and the trust of its clients and customers is eroded.

Such behavior can be catastrophic in the pharmaceutical industry, where public trust and safety are paramount.

Take a closer look at the particularly vulnerable areas of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, such as drug procurement, drug storage, and pricing. 🔍 If you find any form of corruption, it is essential to take swift and appropriate action to address the situation and prevent it from happening again. This can include disciplinary action and re-evaluating internal policies and procedures.

💡 However, the best way to avoid all that trouble is to educate your employees on identifying and preventing corruption in their daily work routines. With our tailored gamified courses, you can ensure your employees have the knowledge and skills to mitigate corruption risks.

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