Gamification in Corporate Trainings


Gamification in corporate training is a powerful way to motivate employees and increase the retention rate of trained material. 🎮🧑💼

What's gamification? It's the process of adding gaming elements to non-game activities. This a great way to make learning more fun, especially for employees who may find specific topics boring. Gamified learning typically has clear progression paths, achievable goals, levels and rewards, giving players agency over their actions. Using strategy and novelty can keep players engaged, while feedback and social interaction can further enhance the experience. And, of course, it's all about having fun!

Benefits of gamified learning:

✅ 84% of employees who take gamified training feel more motivated (vs 26% for normal training). They have a greater sense of belonging and better understanding through playful learning. This naturally increases motivation.

✅ 87% of employees feel more productive.

✅ Online learning can help improve knowledge retention rates by up to 60%, because it allows you to process information in small chunks, learn at own pace and have more control over the learning process.

👉 Compared to: 49% reported being bored during normal (or non-gamified) training, (vs. 10% for gamified ones).

🔗 Source: IMD research, TalentLMS, American Institute for ResearchGet a free demo now! 👉

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