Happy year of the Wood Dragon!


Happy year of the Wood Dragon!

The Serapy team wishes to all who celebrate as well to everyone else, a wonderful year of the Wood Dragon.

I very much like the description of this dragon:

"The Wood Dragon is the most creative and visionary of the dragons. They are optimistic, ambitious and adventurous. They like to explore new ideas and challenge themselves. They are also generous, compassionate and loyal to their friends.Therefore, the Year of the Dragon in 2024 is expected to be a time of visionary leaders, innovators and problem solvers. 2024 is also predicted to be a great year to start new projects, explore new opportunities and create value for yourself and others." (thechinesezodiac . org)

I wish you all that indeed, 2024 be a fantastic year, full of optimism, innovation, and problem solvers.And most importantly, may optimism prevail above all in 2024, by bringing peace and grace to all. Only when peace is in and around, can we as people thrive, and can businesses thrive.

Happy New Year!

Sophie and the Serapy Dream Team

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