Hidden risks in your pharmaceutical business


Most pharma companies think they have compliance covered. But what if I told you there are hidden traps that even the best can fall into? ðŸŠĪ

Considering the enormous global healthcare budget, the pharmaceutical sector is a prime target for fraud. It can take many forms and come from any of your employees. ❗ïļ

Here are five examples of pharmaceutical fraud:

- Off-label marketing

- Illegal Drug Switching

- Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) violations

- Billing for a service visit or supplies the patient never received

- Billing for a more expensive service than the patient actually received

☠ïļ One oversight can lead to substantial reputational and financial damage.

A reliable solution to prevent these catastrophes is to train your employees to spot and stop fraud before it starts. 👀

Creating a fun learning environment is incredibly effective for engaging them and improving their retention! Our experts use the latest advancements in teaching to achieve that. We offer customized gamified training for everyone to practice online with immersive real-life cases.

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