The importance of good and adequate compliance trainings cannot be understated!


Fines for inadequate application of Anti-Money Laundering rules are increasing. That should be the last wake-up call for companies to move to compliance trainings that help the company focus on doing business, not paying fines.

"It is time to move to better, more interesting and engaging compliance trainings, where employees really learn and remember, know how to apply it in their day-to-day, and know why compliance matters.
It is time to write-off the trainings where people 'click their way through' and to move to Serapy's gamified learning.", says Sophie Bertin, CEO and Founder of Serapy.

In case of doubt, the amount of the fines speak for themselves. Paying EUR 15 million for a fine is wasted money, which could have been used for better compliance trainings, to enable to bank to focus on business, not paying fines.

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