The power of your Code of Conduct


Believe it or not, a code of conduct has the power to impact your organization truly.

Because it outlines expected behaviors and the consequences of misconduct, providing clear guidelines for employees.

Yet, merely drafting one isn't enough to foster a culture of integrity.

Educating all team members on the code's contents and its application in their daily tasks is crucial to bridge the gap between policy and practice.

🤔 Why is a code of conduct necessary?

- It provides guidelines for behavior- It illustrates the company's values

- It boosts employee morale

- It determines employee success

- It ensures adherence to the law

What should your code of conduct include?

🌐 Company Values: Emphasize business ethics, social and environmental responsibility, diversity, and inclusion.

👩 Employee Behavior: Address professionalism, discrimination, asset use, social media, and communication standards.

🔒 Internal Practices: Cover dress code, leave policies, onboarding, job duties, training, and legal compliance.

🌐 External Practices: Highlight confidentiality, privacy, intellectual property, customer communication, and conflict of interest policies.

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