The series about gifts in the corporate world - continued


Throughout this series on gift-giving, we'll guide you through the proper etiquette for corporate gifts (covered in this post), the advantages of giving gifts to both your clients and employees, and how to find the perfect balance. We'll also provide some interesting statistics on corporate gift-giving to wrap things up.


Corporate gifts can be a great way to show staff appreciation for their hard work, to thank valued clients, to celebrate important anniversaries or holidays, or to introduce your fantastic brand to prospective clients.

As we approach one of the biggest holidays of the year, it's important to remember the potential ethical implications of gift-giving. Here are ten tips to keep it festive and on the right side of the law:

🎁 Never give cash gifts

🎁 Be mindful of the value of the gift

🎁 Keep a record of every gift you give

🎁 Set annual limits on corporate gifts

🎁 Respect cultural beliefs and customs

🎁 Choose gifts that are practical & useful

🎁 Review your company's Code of Conduct

🎁 Share gifts with others, but never solicit them

🎁 Always be entirely about your gift-giving practices

🎁 Exercise caution when giving gifts like alcohol or tobacco

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