Webinar: Unlocking Success Through Compliance Culture Transformation!


Compliance isn't just a checkbox - it's the competitive edge that keeps companies ahead in the game! Yet, many still grapple with adopting compliance as a true culture. The answer? Innovation meets empowerment.

🌟 Embrace Gamification and Training as a Service (TaaS) - the dynamic duo driving companies to be compliant while freeing up time for strategic pursuits.

For those of us in financial services, we hold the reins in shaping this culture shift. It starts with crafting essential training that fosters awareness and is interesting to take. 🌐 Let's face it, we've all felt the dreaded training grind. But how can we turn it around? From a chore to a cherished experience? 🎯

🔥 Join Sophie Bertin, a visionary with over two decades of senior management experience - from top-tier consulting at McKinsey and Bain, US banks to SWIFT to the European Commission, and the brains behind Serapy.

🌐 Gain from her wealth of insights into today's regulatory landscape, the challenges ahead of compliance and how gamification can help you conquer the holy grail of interesting and sought after compliance training.

Save your spot now for an eye-opening webinar on the power of gamification in conquering compliance challenges!

🗓️ Date & time: Monday, 11th September, 11am - 12pm CEST

📍 Sign up: https://lnkd.in/eYk8B6Sg

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