What is a code of conduct?


We've all heard the term, but what exactly is a code of conduct? Simply put, it summarizes how employees are expected to behave and how to distinguish right from wrong.

The benefits of a strong code of conduct:

✅ Better decision-making by employees.

✅ Can improve an organization's reputation.

✅ Promotes a healthy working environment.

✅ Helps build a robust and value-centered culture.

✅ Encourages ethical behaviour within your company.

✅ Shows customers and other companies you have integrity.

✅ Reassures team members that you will respond appropriately to poor conduct.

✅ Helps create solid relationships with suppliers and business partners.

In fact, according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSGs), employers with a good code of conduct paired with ethics training may avoid up to 95% of potential fines and penalties for violation of the laws.

A code of conduct should mirror the organization's culture and provide a foundation for ethical decision-making within the company. Therefore, the code of conduct is specific to each and every organization.

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