What is ESG?


Have you ever been in a conversation where everyone throws around the term "ESG," and you're left nodding like you get it? Time to unravel the mystery! 🧐


ESG, my friend, stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It's simply a compass guiding businesses towards a sustainable future.

🧭 SO IT'S A FRAMEWORK?Yes. ESG is like a playbook, guiding organizations with policies, procedures, metrics, etc.

🌿 WHY DO WE NEED IT?Organizations adopt ESG practices to reduce negative impacts or increase positive outcomes on the environment, society, and governance bodies. They help stakeholders comprehend how risks and opportunities relating to these factors are managed.

🌎 WHO DOES IT CONCERN?ESG isn't just for CEOs and investors; it's a collective effort. From customers to employees, everyone's part of the sustainability revolution.

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